Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner- What are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner- What are You Thankful For?

By: Sadie Foster, MA

The holidays are a busy time of year.  In the business sometimes it is easy to forget to be thankful.  Ever stopped to think about exactly what you are thankful for and if your thankfulness shines through.  Many times we do not show our loved ones just how thankful we are for them.   We are sometimes blinded by the irritations of life instead.  Things like the messy rooms, toys on the floor, forgetfulness, working late – again.  Some of us have had the devastating experience of losing  a loved one expectantly.  Oh how wonderful it would be to hear that too loud of a voice or running in the house, to remind that spouse that today is a special event and they need to leave work on time, to find that items are not where they are supposed to be. 

It’s important to live in a daily place of thankfulness – thankful for the day as is it.  Thankful that you can try again.  Thankful that while you may not feel great, you can still feel.  Thankful that you can tell your loved ones how you feel.

Ways To Say I’m Thankful

A thank you card or note detailing why you are thankful for them

A special time set aside for just the two of you, with the explanation – I saved this time just for us because I am thankful for you.

A list that complete this sentence as many times as you can think of – I am thankful for you because______.

A random act of kindness. 

A small meaningful gift.  Something that shows you are thinking of them specifically – not necessary something expensive. (ex. A favorite  treat, or music)

Do you regularly express thanks?  What’s a memorable way that you have been thanked?  Tell us in the comments below.

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