Music As a Mood Setter

[display_podcast] Music as a mood setter- it can be fun, it can provide a sense of stability, it can be used to direct a team, and research supports its use.  Are you using it to its fullest?

I know a little girl that is so sensitive to the beat of music– that certain slow songs can make her cry faster than an injury.  It appears that in her case, the songs trigger her thought process to think about sad things no matter what the lyrics are.  Now everyone may not appear to be as sensitive as she is, but everyone reacts to music in some way. 

So much so that music is a mainstay in advertising, teaching children, retail shopping, and sporting events.  Quick fill in the blanks:

Have it _____________ way.

Save big money at ______________.

We are the ________________, we are the children…

My bologna has a first name it’s _____________

The __________ go marching one by one…….

The things that we hear and see have such a dramatic impact on our lives that it is not wise to leave what filters into our minds and the minds of our family members up to chance.

Not convinced?  Think back to the last few movies or television show you saw.  What kind of music was played during the funny parts? The suspense scenes?  The sad scenes?  How do you think you would have felt if they switched the music?  Studies show that music has the ability to alter our moods dramatically – often in such a subtle way that we are not even aware while it is taking place.

Let’s make it a little more personal – have you ever experienced an argument or breakup with a loved one?  What kind of music did you listen to?  How did you feel when a love song or “breakup” song was played?  What music did you choose for your wedding?  What about the time you had the most fun ever – was there music playing then, before or after?  Music is played in the grocery store, medical offices, schools, churches, sporting events, funeral homes and restaurants to set the tone of the event  and encourage a specific action or emotion.  Isn’t it time you begin to apply these techniques in a way that benefits you and your family?

Ways you can use music to your benefit.

  •   Use music to set the routine.  Songs can be used as audio cues to provide direction. This works especially well for children.  Examples: a brush your teeth song, or a bedtime lullaby. 
  •  To adjust your mood.  Depending on what mood you feel you need to be in, you can select a playlist to match.  This can be applied to motivation, romance, relaxation, inspiration and just about any other emotion. 
  • To motivate you to get a job done when you don’t feel like doing anything.
  •  A fast break – a chance to get up and move.  Reset your brain – have a quick dance alone or with your family.
  • Be creative, use music as a timer.  Use it to specify how much time to spend on both desired and unwanted activities.


Things to remember

  • In order to be effective it is best if you enjoy the music you select.
  • It is not recommended that you select sad and gloomy music when you are feeling down.
  • Select multiple songs of the same general theme to play.  It can be hard on the mind to hear one inspirational song followed by a realization song, followed by a pick me up, then motivation and so on.   
  • Be careful what lyrics are spoken into your mind.  Repeated negative statements while they may be catchy – can lead to a negative shift in thought process.
  • Watch out for songs that trigger unwanted memories.   


How has music affected you and your family? How can you put music to work for you?  Tell me in the comments below.

Enjoy Today!

Love & Blessings,


Author Sadie Foster, MA

Sadie Foster specializes in taking the mystery out of enjoying health, family relationships and life. Her systems teach the skills most people were never taught, to overcome challenges and get extra-ordinary results quickly. Making it simple to enjoy health, enjoy your marriage, enjoy children, and enjoy your life with actionable step by step yet flexible processes. She has been serving families through counseling and nutritional psychology for the last 14 years.

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  • Tami Gomez says:

    I sing the My bologna has a first name it’s O-S-C-A-R…. song to my daughter all the time. She loves it! Thanks for sharing this fun post with us! LOVE IT!

  • Robert Seth says:

    Good Article!  I use music on a regular basis to set my mood and to alter it.  It can be so helpful when feeling low or stressed.  You have some interesting ideas in this article that I had not thought of.  Thanks for the info!

  • Lori says:

    Great post. I often use music to change or reinforce a mood.  Music is very powerful.

  • Olga Hermans says:

    Music has a powerful influence on people. When I really want to focus, I like to listen to some smooth instrumental jazz; it keeps me going!

  • Stacey says:

    I don't think I use or listen to music enough.  I am going to find some tracks that really motivate me.  Thanks

  • Paul Crowson says:

    That really inspired me to keep my positive tunes going Sadie. Thanks!

  • mikerosss says:

    What a great resource!

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