Choose To Cherish Time with Your Spouse


Choose To Cherish Time with Your Spouse

Today is Veterans Day – an official United States holiday to honor all those who have served in the armed forces.  While some may take this day off of work, federal buildings are closed, and some schools are out – the work of our service men and women around the world continues.  Whether we believe in war or not- we can all chose to be grateful and thankful for those who are willing to risk their lives to protect our lives and freedoms.

If you are a military or other serviceperson’s spouse you already know the magnitude of what I’m about to say.  I honor you and thank you for sharing your family with the rest of us.  If you are not – I encourage you to stop for a moment and reflect what life might be like if every day for valid reasons you had to wonder if you would see them anytime soon or your spouse would make it home safely. 

Would you treat your mate any differently?  Would you cherish the time that you had more?  Would you decide to look at things and weigh their worthiness for being upset?   What might you say differently?  Is there anything you would or would not do?  Would you go on a date, would you snuggle closer, would you decide to overlook the little quirks? 

Some of our choosen career and lifestyle choices put us at greater risk for life altering injuries and or death. On this Veterans Day let’s acknowledge and say a prayer for those that sacrifice their time, and families for our country.  Consider for a moment that tomorrow isn’t promised for anyone and decide to cherish and enjoy our loved ones today.   


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